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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Happy Anniversary

2 years ago today we did this...

Images by Danielle Benbow
Being married really isn't something I think about on a daily basis.  It is something that sits in the back of my mind making me have an inner sense of security and stability .  Since we have been married we have made our way through pregnancy, birth, baby and toddler days and now the crazy days of selling our first house.  This year has much more to come, there are already some big developments on the horizon but I sense there will be some surprises mixed in.

Last year we had a fantastic lunch at The Hand and Flowers in Marlow.  It was a long drive but so worth it as we sped down the motorway, a sleeping baby in the back and the sun beaming down on us.  The food was extraordinary.  Unexpected combinations, delicious flavour and comfortable relaxed surroundings.

This year we have booked a table at Chez Bruce one of our favourite London restaurants.  We're also very lucky to have the baby sitting expertise of my parents in law, so we shall be having our second evening out without Nye.  I secretly can't wait to be having a meal without worrying about the patience of a certain little boy.

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